3 Advantages to Automatic Blinds, Shades & Drapery and 1 Major Disadvantage

With new regulations regarding corded window coverings in Canada and the general trend toward desire for increase safety and home comfort and convenience, a lot of homeowners are wanting to know if automatic blinds, shades and drapery make sense for their home. Below is a summary of the 5 key advantages of automatic blinds, shades and drapery and 1 key disadvantage.

Advantage 1: “One button to rule them all”

In a multi window and therefore multi shade room, it is so much more convenient to push one button to raise or lower all the blinds/shades in that room at the same time instead of individually manually lifting them one-by-one.

Advantage 2: “One App to rule them all”

“There’s an App for that” as the famous saying goes.  With the app, you can set Scenes and Schedules.  For example, you can preset a scenario for morning wake up time, where you might want your bedroom shades as well as the breakfast and kitchen shade to be full raised.  Later when you leave the home for work, you might want to run “Leaving to work” scene or schedule where all the shades are down for privacy.  Perhaps while at the office, you want to open a living room blind so that a plant in the living room gets a couple hours of sunlight, you can control that shade remotely through the app.

Advantage 3: “One voice to rule them all”

Or multiple different voices from members of the household.  With the app installed, the shades can be paired with Smart Speakers so that you can speak to the speakers to control the shades without having to reach for the remote or open the app on your phone or tablet.

Disadvantage: if the motor breaks down there is no way to control the shade.

When it comes to automated shades the initial price should not be the sole decision-making criteria.  Warranty and vendor support is key to protecting your investment and having that peace of mind, knowing that if the shade stop working, the motor can be repaired or replaced.  We are a fully certified Somfy manufacturer (Somfy is the world leader in automation solutions for window coverings.). We also carry other motor brand which we fully support.

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