Achieving Privacy and Light Control with Modern Window Blinds, Shades and Drapery

Modern blinds, shades and drapery gives better options for privacy and light control.

Many would agree that there are 2 main reasons for window coverings: a) privacy and b) light control.  However, it is also important to see outside the window when needed.

Traditional Window Covering solutions

Decades ago the prevailing window covering solutions were either:

1) a sheer and drapery combination using 2 tracks or double rods; or

2) Horizontal Venetian blinds or Vertical PVC blinds

Limitations of the traditional window covering solutions:

1) For sheer and drapery combination – the double track or rod projects out the sheer and drapery layer into the room, and when factoring the drapery wave, the whole combination can occupy up to 10 inches of depth space into the room right in front of the window.

2) Horizontal Venetian blinds or Vertical PVC blinds attract dust and need to be cleaned frequently. More importantly, when tilted to an open position, these blinds do not provide privacy or block UV light entering the space.

Modern Window Blinds and Shades

With the modern window blinds and shade solutions made with fabric such as the Combi (aka Zebra Shades), Triple Shades (aka Sheer Shades or Silhouette Shades), or modern roller shades, we now have a solution that overcomes the limitation of the traditional window covering solutions mentioned above.

The Combi Shades and Triple Shades, when open, provides excellent outside viewing while providing daytime privacy due to the sheer layer.  This sheer layer also block most of the harsh UV light that can damage furnishings and floors.

These modern shades also use anti-static fabric for minimal to zero maintenance requirements as they do not attract dust.

Finally, these shades come in a range of Light Filtering and Room Darkening fabric opacities giving a range of light control needed for each room or space.  Unlike the traditional blinds, the modern blinds and shades, when closed, can still offer the benefit of natural light will providing visual privacy.

Blinds and Drapery Combination

Homes built over the past couple of decades and new replacement windows for home nowadays offer more depth to install these newer shades in an inside mount application.  This opens up exciting design opportunities to combine Window shades/blinds with Drapery without occupying much depth into the room.  The drapery panel are hung in an outside mount wall or ceiling mount and provide yet another option for light control and privacy, in addition to an enhance décor to the window.


If you have not changed your blinds or shades over the past 5 to 10+ years, it may be a good time to come visit Trendy Blinds and explore all the new options for window coverings that have become available that provide much better privacy and light control solutions.

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