Combi or Zebra Blinds/
Roller Shade

With Health Canada worldwide exclusive Corded Window Coverings Regulations SOR/2019-97 that took effect May 1, 2022, no blinds or shades are permitted to have exposed cords longer than 22cm or a cord loop longer than 44cm.  This effectively eliminates the corded lift option for Combi/Zebra Shades and Roller Shades and for many other blind products.

When this new rule was under discussion several years ago, we knew that Canada, being a small market globally for window coverings, would not get the attention from manufacturers to expend resources to develop and refine a solution in advance.  Thus Trendy Blinds immediately got to work with our manufacturing partners to come up with a cordless solution that was easy and intuitive to use by everyone.  The old fashion tug and release cordless system used for many years for roller shades have distinct disadvantages that we wanted to overcome with our new UltraEasy Cordless Lift system.  Specifically, the old cordless system requires users to counter-intuitively tug down the shade and release in order to lift the shade up.  Furthermore, it is hard to stop at the precise position desired.  This might not be as big of a concern for roller shade, but for Combi/Zebra shades, users would like to stop the shade in an open position where the front and back sheers bands are lined up for outside viewing while maintaining privacy.

UltraEasy Cordless Lift system advantages:

  1. One figure push up and stops precisely at position when you stop pushing up or pulling down;
  2. Can handle large shades up to 90 inches wide x 90 inches tall (For taller shades, we strongly recommend motorize lift option as it will be hard to reach the top by hand);
  3. Long lasting durability.

Sample Video for Cordless Lift Option

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