Custom Print Window Shades

Use your store or office windows as space to advertise your business and brand while complying with lease agreements on signage rules.

Trendy Blinds is the leader in custom print window shades solutions in Ontario. We use state of the art UV print machine 846 x 2880 DPI.  UV Printing offers the best colour accuracy and resists fading.

Beyond DPI, one must consider the material quality of the roller it’- printed on.  We only use high quality, high density polyester for light-filtering or blackout shades or pvc/poloyester blend for solar shades.  Cheap fabric has a lot of “bleeding” when the colour ink lands on it.  Cheap plastic rollers have problem with ink retention leading to white spots.

Don’t know how to begin?  We can help.

We provide guidance on graphic image selection and layout for proofing.  We can also space an image across multiple shades.  Each shade can be as large as 90 inches wide by 120 inches high.

Streamlined process for quick turnaround:

1) You upload your graphic files to our Dropbox folder

2) We review the graphic files to make sure it suitable for print.

3) We create a proof file for your approval/sign off

4) We begin the printing process

Motorization option of custom print shades is available too.  One can control individual or multiple shades with one button or pre-set the shade movement on a schedule.

Chat with us to discuss your custom print window shade you needed.

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