How to Install Window Covering For Combi, Roller and Triple Shades

Installation Instruction: Trendy Blinds Combi Shades, Roller Shades and Triple Shades:

Step 1: Install Brackets. Use appropriate screws for the surface your installing the blinds.

Step 2: Position Front “Lip” above Front “V” channel of Brackets

Step 3: Snap on back end of blind cassette to back of brackets. Should hear a loud “click” sound.

Step 4: Install Tension Device Handle

4A –  First insert loop cord into channel of Tension Device

4B – Snap on the other half of tension cord device

4C – Mark lowest position of slot to window casement using pencil. Make sure the cord is pull down tight.

Step 5: Install handle to Side of Window Casement

There are 2 approaches you can choose:

Option1: “Direct Screw In” Approach. This is recommended, its faster and easier to position

Option2: Use clear plastic handle holder


Option 1: Direct Screw In of Handles -Recommended (Faster)

  1. Put screw through circle of hole on tension device
  2. Screw directly to window casement
  3. Make sure to position circle hole to bottom of handle slot as shown. This ensures no friction when pulling  the cord  to open  and close the shade


Option 2: Use Clear Plastic Handle Holder

1. Position small front hole of clear handle holder to the marking made in Step 4C.

2. Mark the other hole positions using a pencil.

3. Screw top and bottom screw for clear handle holder.

4. Slot front protruding hole on clear handle holder into circle hole of handle

5. Screw small screw into the circle hole to connect the clear handle holder to the handle. Make sure the position of circle hole is at the bottom of the slot to ensure no friction when pulling cords to operate shade.