7 Reasons Why Roller Shades are Great for Homes.

Roller shades is one of the most popular category of products for window coverings in homes for decades.  Here are 7 key reasons why:

1. Roller Shades are versatile – they can be use for both small and large windows, inside, outside or end mount and single or double layers with reverse roll.

2. Roller shades have a timeless look – flat, simple look ensure it will never go out of style;

3. Roller shades offer a myriad of fabric, finish and pattern choice to match any décor;

4. Roller shade are functional yet simple to operate. Manual control uses a simple continuous loop cord or chain, or choice of cordless lift. A range of automation/motorization options is also available;

5. Roller shades provide light control in terms of light filtering, room darkening or blackout depending on fabric choice;

6. Roller shades pairs well with drapery for a complete window covering solution for privacy, light control and interior room décor;

7. Roller shades are very cost effective and easy to maintain. A basic roller shade can compare favourably in price to a basic faux wood horizontal blinds.  And when you factor that roller shades have minimal cleaning needs vs horizontal blinds that accumulate dust easily, the total cost of ownership of roller shades is a win vs. other blinds and shades solutions.

TrendyPlus Design offers a very wide range of stylish, in-trend roller shades, with a range of cassette, lifting and motorization automation options.  We invite you to contact us today and visit our showrooms to explore how roller shades fit into your home window covering décor.

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