Warranty, Return & Refund Policy

All of our Custom 3D or Non-3D Wallpaper products are custom-made and designed according to the customer’s specifications and thus cannot be restocked and therefore, no refund is allowed. However, if the wallpaper colour or design significantly deviates from the colour and/or design we sold to the customer, we will remake the wallpaper or allow the customer to select a different design as a replacement.
If we do the installation, we offer a 60-day warranty for any issues, such as peeling or bubbles forming and will repair the wallpaper at no additional charge. Our warranty will not cover damages by the customer.

1. For Online Purchase: No Refunds or Replacements/Substitutes. See below terms, as applicable only. For Offline purchase with installation service, terms are applied.
2. Limited 5-Year Warranty (commercial projects have 1 year warranty): TrendyPlus Design warrants against defects in material and workmanship up to 5 years. Specifically, inside aluminum tube and Somfy motorization parts for 5 years warranty. Lifting assembly (all clutches, cords, and handles) for 3 years from shipping date from factory/workshop. Other components including fabric are warranted for 1-year. Drapery is limited to 1 year. Product must be properly installed. Warranty is non-transferable. Dye lot vary within commercial tolerances, therefore fabric colours may vary from samples and different orders.
3. For Hunter Douglas or Graber products, manufacturers provide Lifetime Limited Warranty. Go to http://www.hunterdouglas.ca/warranty or http://www.graberblinds.com/support/warranty-information respectively for more details.
4. Customer can return defective products to TrendyPlus Design during warranty period for repair or replacement subject to manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions and in accordance with industry standards of acceptability based on the quality level of the product purchased.
5. Warranty does not cover damage to product resulting from misuse, abuse, alterations or conditions caused by normal wear and tear.
6. All products are made with allowable tolerances and imperfections that do not impact the intended function of the product. These imperfections are not defects. For blinds with fabrics, the fabric cut edges are un-seamed and may have slight unevenness, loose threads, minor folds or tears, which are not grounds for warranty claims.
7. Soft shades/blinds are made with fabrics and therefore are not rigid. Wider shades will have noticeable waviness from left to right, top to bottom. This cannot be cause for warranty claims.
8. Operable windows may have projecting handle cranks that might interfere with inside mount window coverings. It is the customer sole responsibility to remove handle crank or replace with folding handle crank.
9. Order to product delivery times are subject to many factors outside the control of TrendyPlus Design. Typical delivery times are for reference only and any delays are not grounds for cancellation, substitution, discounts or credits.
10. Physics of Natural Light: a) Our Sun is classified as a G2 star i.e. yellow, therefore when natural sunlight shines through a light filtering fabric the fabric colour appears warmer in tone. Furthermore, due to atmospheric optics especially during the early morning or late afternoon/evening, sunlight becomes more red resulting in more changes to the colour appearance of fabrics; b) Moire patterns that look like a ripple or “watered” appearance is a natural temporary occurrence that may appear when natural light shines on sheers
and light filtering fabrics. The fabrics are NOT defective.
11. Law of Gravity and Honeycomb and Pleated shades: spacing of cell/pleat may appear progressively shorter from top to bottom of shade due to gravity. It may be more noticeable with blackout shades because the cells/pleat are heavier. This is normal and cannot be reason for warranty claims.
12. Full payment must be made before product release to customer or installer.
13. Warranty will not be honoured if full payment is not made. Also, TrendyPlus Design reserves the right to charge for interest on any late payment at 2% per month or 24% per annum from date that the customer is notified that products have arrived.
14. There will be a trip charge for warranty or repair service visits to customer site (current minimum rate is $100+tax), plus installation, $2004.00 removal and/or shipping costs to ship product back to manufacturer for repair or replacement. Also any fees or cost the manufacturer charges for the warranty claim will be charged to the customer.
15. Installation is done by a third-party company. TrendyPlus Design is not responsible for any installation issues or liabilities. Any installation fee estimates from Trendy Blinds are not final and installation company may have additional fees and up-charges based on distance travelled, site conditions or extra work done.
16. There will be product width deductions and length deductions or additions based on the window measurements above. For inside mount, width deductions between 3 to 7mm (approx. 1/8 to 1/4 inches) will be made to the smallest width measured. This may result in gaps at the top between headrail and window up to 1cm in order for product to fit the full height or the window. For warped, unframed,
drywall or concrete walls, window gaps may be larger. For outside mount, width additions of approx. 1.5″ will be made so blind can
cover most or all of the window frame.
17. By providing your email, phone number and/or address above, you give consent to TrendyPlus Design to contact you with any news, announcements, promotions and invitations.
18. Prices does NOT include installation unless clearly listed on invoice.
19. The terms & conditions supersede all other communications, negotiations & prior oral or written statements regarding the subject matter of these terms & conditions. No charge, modification, rescission, discharge, abandonment, or waiver of these terms & conditions shall be binding upon the Seller unless made in writing and signed on its behalf by a duly authorized representative of the Seller. No conditions, usage of trade, course of dealing or performance, understanding or agreement purporting to modify, vary, explain, or supplement these terms & conditions shall be binding unless hereafter made in writing & signed by the party to be bound, & no modification or additional items shall be applicable to this agreement by Seller’s receipt, acknowledgement, or acceptance of purchase orders, shipping instruction forms, or other documentation containing terms at variance with or in addition to those set forth herein. Any such modifications or additional terms are specifically rejected by Seller. No waiver by either party with respect to any breach or default or of any right or remedy, & no course of dealing, shall be deemed to constitute a continuing waiver of any other breach or default or of any other right or remedy, unless such waiver be expressed in writing & signed by the party to be bound. All typographical or clerical errors made by Seller in any quotation, acknowledgement or publication are subject to correction.

Contact us at info@trendyplusdesign.com for questions related to refunds and returns.